Maxwell Strong  Maxwell Strong was given that name as an incentive for him to grow up big and strong. Maxwell came to SEVA GRREAT when the costs of diagnosing his health problems began to pile up for his original family. Returning him to the breeder most likely would have led to euthanasia for this beautiful boy, so his family surrendered him to us at the age of 5 months. We immediately got him to a specialist who confirmed the diagnosis of pituitary dwarfism. This condition causes him to lack the hormones necessary for growth and for good health. International experts have been guiding us in the treatment of this poorly understood condition and he has been receiving injections to stimulate healthy growth. Since starting treatment, he has grown quite a bit, has the vitality of a young golden, and has a beautiful fur coat, all signs that his treatment is working. Maxwell will need lifelong treatment because, without growth hormone, he will face a number of life threatening conditions. Currently he is living life to its fullest with a wonderful foster family. He brings great joy and laughter to everyone he meets. 
 Brady Brady was rescued from a local shelter in rural Virginia and was said to be about 7 years old. For those 7 years, Brady was chained outside and it appeared he rarely had contact with others and no contact with other dogs. Brady was heartworm positive and had significant behavioral issues. SEVA GRREAT was able to give Brady a new life that included medical care and social skills training. Without SEVA GRREAT, Brady would have been left in a stressful shelter and, because of his behavioral issues, would be an unlikely candidate for adoption. Brady is such a handsome and sweet boy and deserved another chance at life.
 Bentley Bentley is about 5 years old and came to us from a local Humane Society with a very large mass on his neck. After further evaluation with biopsy and a CT scan to determine the extent of the mass, we learned he had aggressive thyroid cancer. We knew without prompt treatment that his condition would quickly worsen, and felt this special guy deserved a chance. He had surgery to remove the large mass and has recovered very well. Bentley has an amazing foster family and 2 golden siblings that adore him. Generally we do not authorize chemotherapy or radiation for our dogs with cancer; however, he will continue to receive the treatment he needs to keep him comfortable and happy for the remainder of his life. We want him to enjoy a great quality of life in the months (or hopefully years) ahead.  Bentley is a typical happy golden who loves everyone he meets, and at this point has no idea anything is "wrong".
 Daisy Daisy came to SEVA GRREAT from an animal control facility in NC. Poor Daisy is only about 4 years old but has so much going on with her medically. #1 on the list, she has a mammary mass that needs to be removed ASAP. Mammary tumors have a 50/50 chance of being benign and we are hoping for the best news. She will also be spayed during the surgery. In addition, Daisy is heartworm positive, so we will begin that treatment as soon as possible. Daisy also has a suspected torn ACL. Additional surgery is not advised until after the heartworm treatment is finished. And finally, her teeth in the front are all worn down to the gums with roots exposed. The vet feels she might have been used for breeding and kept in a cage. Poor Daisy probably wore her teeth down trying to escape. Well, she is in a wonderful foster home now and settling in beautifully. We will do all that we can to get Daisy better.
 Max Max also came to us from the animal control facility in NC along with Daisy. They weren't together initially, as they were found as strays in different parts of northeastern NC. But we are grateful to the shelter for finding them and sending them to SEVA GRREAT. Max was recently neutered, and he is also heartworm positive, so he will be with us for quite some time as he undergoes treatment. He was quite afraid of people and new situations to start but is doing so much better. He too has a wonderful foster family and they, along with us, will do all that we can to help him become a healthy dog and eventually find a forever home.
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