At times, we do not have any dogs "Available for Adoption", as evidenced when this page is blank.  We are hopeful the furry friends you see under the tab "In Our Care" will eventually be ready to find forever homes. They are typically being treated for a medical issue and unable to be adopted at the moment
We do maintain a waiting list and at times we must close our applications process for periods of time--we always want that period to be as short as possible. Many of our dogs are adopted by pre-approved families that have been on that waiting list for a period of time, and in those cases we may not post our dogs as available for adoption.  Please be aware that we cannot predict when or how many dogs will become available. This is not to discourage you from applying; of course we welcome your application, but we want you to be aware that, because we are a breed-specific rescue, we do not always have available dogs like some rescues and shelters may be able to offer.
The dogs under our "Forever Foster" tab are unable to be adopted and will remain in their foster homes cared for by SEVA GRREAT until they cross the Rainbow Bridge.
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