5-year-old neutered male

Foster Dog: Kennedy

Gender: Male

Age: 5 years’ old  (estimated age)

Spayed/Neutered: Neutered

Health concerns: None

General Activity Level: Moderate to Low

Interaction with dogs: OK, after a slow introduction

Interaction with cats: OK, after introduction

Interaction with children: Good with older children

Physical fence required? Yes

Suitable for an invisible fence? Unknown

How many hours are they able to be left alone? 8+ hours

Able to climb stairs? Yes

In need of obedience training? Yes

Personality and additional information:

Kennedy is an extremely mellow, easy going, adorable 5-year-old neutered male with a beautiful golden color and a sweet, lovable personality. One of the golden mixes from Turkey, Kennedy weighs only 60 pounds, and completely and immediately endears himself to everyone he meets.

Kennedy has impeccable house manners; does not go into the garbage, does not chew anything, does not counter surf, does not beg from the table, nor display any other bad habits. I can leave him alone for 8 - 10 hours and the house is completely untouched. He does fine with other dogs once he has been introduced and has been living with 2 rescue greyhounds for the past month. We took him to Pet Smart and he was well behaved after the initial excitement wore off. He absolutely loves to be outside, but doesn’t appear to have learned how to play with balls/sticks. He loves to go for walks and car rides. He has been on multiple trips with us out of town and is the perfect travel companion.

Kennedy is not food aggressive, and gently takes food/treats out of my hand. I have been training him with his food for each meal so he knows how to “work” for food. He is best suited for a home with no infants or toddlers as he prefers a quiet household and is startled by loud or sudden noises/movements. Kennedy is not a dog that can handle being tugged or laid on by young children who may not understand how to respect the boundaries of a dog. Kennedy is pretty much the perfect dog, except when he sees another dog while on leash. He will lunge at and has a low growl when meeting new dogs. However, once he has met them, he is fine. This will take consistent training to help him overcome this behavior. In responding to commands, he is not consistent with “come”, except when being trained with food, but then responds well. Obedience training would be good for him. Previous foster indicated he was very trainable with their obedience trainer.

Kennedy has made tremendous progress since being with us for only a short while. He needs a stable home with someone who has experience with strong dogs, enjoys walks, and has the patience to work with him on leash while meeting other dogs.

Kennedy has been a sweet guy to have around, and we will miss him a lot. 

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