WOODY 14 year old neutered male

Foster Dog: Woody  

Gender:  Male

Age: 14

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Health concerns: Legally blind due to thick cataracts; Deaf; moderate arthritis in front paws and ankle.


General Activity Level:  Woody loves to go on one or two short walks every day. He follows me up and down stairs and from room to room when he is not sleeping


Interaction with dogs: Woody has been fine with other dogs when introduced but will sometimes react to small animals darting by if he is close enough to smell them.


Interaction with cats: he hasn’t been exposed to cats here  


Interaction with children: Woody loves everyone.  He does well with my teenage grandsons and grade school friends. He was curious about my infant nephew but after meeting him, he went back to napping.



Physical fence required? Yes!  Woody can get lost easily if he doesn’t have any boundaries.  He does love to explore all the scents in the outdoors and is quite happy wandering from scent to scent but he can’t see well enough or hear danger.  He needs a safe environment and a guide.

Suitable for an invisible fence? No


How many hours are they able to be left alone? We have left him alone for up to 6 hours and he has been fine.  I think he would do okay for longer as he has no trouble sleeping through the night without accidents. When we have to go out for a while, Woody can always be found upstairs next to our bed sound asleep when we return.

Able to climb stairs? Yes

In need of obedience training? No

Personality and additional information: Woody is a typical Golden Oldie in most ways - Loving and gentle.  He needs to be close to his people to help him navigate his hazy, silent world.  He is very happy to lie next to you while you work and will follow you from room to room unless he has fallen asleep.  He sleeps deeply off and on throughout the day and all night.  Woody loves to be brushed and will happily drift off to sleep if you sit on the floor and brush him.  He doesn’t mind having his toenails and feet trimmed.  Woody will beg for food but if you tell him no (ignore him) he will lay down.  When it is time for his meals, Woody gets excited and actually bounces on his feet a bit. He will also do this in the morning when first let outside. He has done this a few times when he has found a tennis ball.  We give him a spinning treat toy that he is quite good at opening to find the goodies inside. Other than that he doesn’t play with any toys. 

Woody would make a nice companion for someone who leads a quieter life and has lots of love to give.

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