Foster Dog:  Mike “Rem” (Remington Mike)


Gender:  Male


Age:  1.5 years


Spayed/Neutered:  Yes


Health concerns:  None


General Activity Level:  High.  He is a young and active dog, who is happiest when he gets to run run run!  He is full of love and energy, and nothing is better than running alongside the bike, or chasing the ball.  His future human/family will need to be active and able to give him the time and both the physical and mental exercise he needs in order to be a content and healthy dog.


Interaction with dogs:  Rem is a strong-willed dog.  He would do best as either an only dog, or in a home where the other dog is more submissive, as he has a moderately dominant demeanor.  Interactions with dogs out in public are a non-issue – he is respectful on a leash, and does not pay much attention to other dogs passing by.  In the home, Rem can be a bother to his foster brother (a German Shepherd) because Rem finds great joy in stealing and hoarding all the toys, and being annoying about it.   He also is an attention hog, and can be pushy towards other dogs in his effort to get all the love.  His overall exuberance can also be a bit much for certain dogs, especially when humans come home from work, he just can’t control his excitement and gets up in everybody’s space.


Interaction with cats:  Unsure.  He has never met a cat during his time in his foster home, but he has a rather high prey drive, which may not be enjoyed by a cat.  There are chickens at his foster home, and there would be no more chickens, if Rem were provided the opportunity.


Interaction with children:  He loves all humans and has a very tolerant/loving personality, however due to his large size and exuberance, he may accidently plow over any small humans that were in his way.  Therefore, Rem would probably be a better fit for a family without children.  


Physical fence required?  Yes.  He currently does not have a reliable recall, and also has a great interest in chasing things.  That, in combination with his high energy and need to run, makes having a physical fence a must for this dog.  A 4’ minimum height fence would be suitable.

Suitable for an invisible fence?   No.  An invisible fence would not be suitable for this dog.  He requires a physical fence.


How many hours are they able to be left alone?  8 hours

Able to climb stairs?  Yes.  Rem does not show any signs of physical challenges.  

In need of obedience training?   Yes – this is a firm requirement. Thus far, Rem has learned his name, and also knows basic commands like sit, shake, come, and down.  He has made great progress towards being respectful on the leash and not taking his handler for a walk (or run!).  Rem will need a forever family with a strong handler(s) and who can and will continue to reinforce these commands and manners, and not put up with any nonsense.  He is a very fast learner, and very eager to please (for love and for food).  He is a good working dog, and has a lot of potential for somebody willing to put in the time and effort to teach him.

Personality and additional information:


Rem is A LOT of golden retriever - lots of dog, lots of energy, and lots of love to give!  He is large, smart, affectionate, and has enough energy to run or play fetch all day long.  At his foster home, he goes on at least one long (about 3-mile) bike ride everyday, and plays lots of fetch in the large, fenced yard.  This suits his physical activity needs, but he would be more than happy to run and play even more.  Rem LOVES the water, and swimming would be an excellent source of exercise, too, if his forever family had a water source available.  If not given sufficient physical and mental exercise, he may take it out on the shoes or pillows.  Rem is a strong-willed dog, so he will need a human(s) who has experience with training a large dog of similar demeanor.  He is very trainable and a very sharp cookie who is driven to please.  This will be a plus for ongoing training, along with the fact that he is very food-motivated.  In the few weeks he has been at his foster home, he has made great strides toward becoming a more obedient, well-mannered dog, and is learning that life is good when we act reasonable.  Rem has learned that his previous habits of jumping up, mouthing, being pushy, and hoarding toys are not acceptable, and that he will only get attention when he is calm and collected.  He has also learned that it is not acceptable to be the top dog in the home, and that commands and/or corrections are to be followed.  It will be required that Rem’s forever family continue his obedience training, because if his training is not reinforced and upheld, it will be difficult for him to be a level-headed, happy dog - he is just too smart for his own good.  His foster mom is a middle school teacher, and thinks that successfully training Rem is very comparable to teaching her middle school-aged students -  “give him an inch, he’ll take a mile!”  He is content to hang around the house, chew on a bone, or snuggle with a human, provided he has received a nice long walk, game of fetch, or run first.  Rem would be an excellent fit for a very active individual or family, who is willing to take him along on runs, walks, hikes, and other adventures.  He’s got that characteristic loving Golden personality, and cannot wait to find the right human(s) who will love (and play fetch with) him furever!!

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