Foster dog:  TREK formerly Sampson. Was told to rename him and it would make him a different dog and it sure did. It was explained that they come with baggage just like we do.

Foster dog location: Virginia Beach, VA

Gender: male

Age: 6 years

Sprayed/neutered: neutered

Health concerns: a little overweight at 95 lbs and working on losing weight

General activity level: He can go from laid back to puppy depending on how you play with him. He wasn’t too familiar with toys when he came to be fostered. He has really learned how to play with his toys and nice to see. He loves for you to play with him but can get over excited. Loves tug of war. I never win.

Interaction with dogs: He will warm up to a dog eventually but a 50/50 shot upon first meeting.

Interaction with cats: unknown. No cats in foster home.

Interaction with children: unknown. No children in the household but he came from a family with 3 children and he was fine.

Physical fence required: yes

Suitable for invisible fence: No. He can get focused on something like a squirrel and the invisible fence wouldn’t faze him.

How many hours can he be left alone? I have been gone for more than 8 hours and he is perfectly fine. Doesn’t mess with anything in the house. Just patiently waits till you come home. And boy is he happy to see you come home.

Able to climb stairs? He can now. When he came to me to foster he didn’t know what they were. He has no problem now unless he is coming up and I am going down he can’t figure out how to turn around on the steps. But has it figured out now. Trying to teach him to wait at the head of the stairs when I come down. Still a work in progress.

In need of obedience training? It is obvious that he has had obedience training but it hasn’t been used in a very long time. He will need his new mom or dad to reinforce the training. He loves to walk and when he passes his leash he hits it with his nose…hint…hint… He was evaluated by a professional dog trainer and he got him under control for leash walking. I couldn’t walk him at first but we can now walk around but I have to use the Gentle Leader on him to keep control. Trainer said it would better if he was the only dog in the household.

Personality and additional information:

Trek/Sampson is a very sweet big strong boy. It took him a bit to relax when I got him. He would go lie in corners and be away from me. Don’t think he has had too much attention paid to him prior. It took about 3 days to get him out of the corners and now he follows me everywhere I go. He will sit at my feet when I am in my chair. He now loves to have his head petted and just to be petted in general. He came with no toys and I bought some for him and he now loves you to play with him with his toys. He can get overexcited playing but will stop when you stop. He rides very well in the car and will lie down in the back seat. He is very vocal when it comes to breakfast and dinner time. He understands “no”. He will let you know what time it is. When he came he got me up at 6 and I told him he had to adjust to my schedule for getting up later. He adapted extremely well and will now wait until I decide on the time to feed him. He will bark but tell him “no bark” and usually he stops. His eating is very frantic and trying to teach him to slow down. He takes treats really rough so you have to remind him “easy” and he does fine. He loves being outside in the back yard. He will lay out there doing nothing or sleeping. He will get on furniture if you let him. He will jump up on the bed (which I found out this am). He will listen to commands such as heel, sit, down. He sleeps beside the bed or in his bed at the foot of the bed. He doesn’t get you up in the middle of the night to go outside.   He does have a mind of his own and has selective hearing so needs reinforcement in that area. He will come just about every time I call him now. He can be vocal at various other times when he wants your attention. He will talk to you and he smiles at you.  

Overall I have to say that Trek/Sampson has come a long way from when he first came to me. He went from being a sad boy to a happy camper now. I have worked hard with him and am so pleased with how he has grown. He is always at my side and following me around. He would be a wonderful addition to a family that will take the time with him and give him the extra loving and patience that he deserves. He is a sweet handsome boy.

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