It’s time: Tuesday, May 14th, Midnight to Midnight give Local 757!

In the past three years we have raised close to $30,000 participating in these 24 hour events. The competition for funds has greatly increased. This year each nonprofit will be limited to winning only two prizes down from three prizes previously awarded.

Cash prizes are awarded on the number of Unique Donations we receive.

A Unique Donation is defined as being unique to a name, credit card and email address. The greater the number of unique donations the greater our chance of winning bonus cash prizes and the overall event.

We encourage you to reach out to your family, friends, and co-workers, etc. and ask them to support SEVA GRREAT with a donation Tuesday, May 14th. Minimum donation is $10.00.  The complete list of bonus cash prizes is available at

Our featured pups for 2019 GIVE LOCAL 757 are: Maxwell Strong, Brady, Bentley, Daisy, and Max.

Click here to read more about these special Goldens.


Each has a compelling story and medical issue requiring care before being eligible for adoption.

We Need YOU! Help Us Help Them:

  • DONATE!! Ask family, friends, co-workers to make a donation to SEVA GRREAT on Tuesday, May 14th at

Minimum donation is $10.00  

  • PROMOTE!! GIVE LOCAL 757 on your social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
  • PARTICIPATE!! Check out the Incentive Prize List at you just may win a prize for SEVA GRREAT!
  • Include Give Local 757 logo in your emails:

GIVE LOCAL 757 was created by the Peninsula Community Foundation in 2014 to provide local non-profits serving the Hampton Roads region an opportunity to raise funds in a unique 24 hour on line event. It allows all of us to showcase our nonprofits and the work we do and hopefully increase our donor base.

Any success we have is because of you, our supporters. We cannot do what we do without you! We are forever grateful for your continued support of SEVA GRREAT. Thank you!