SEVA GRREAT's foster parents want to share with you the JOY of providing a temporary home to a Golden in need. Read some quotes from some of our very special foster parents.

"Is there anything more satisfying than seeing wariness and fear in a previously abused Golden transition to love, trust and a kiss on the nose?"

"The moment when the foster dog accepts the foster home as his or hers is very special. It is only superseded by the moment when it is clear there is a true bond between the Golden and an adopting family."

"It always surprises us how grateful adopting families are when they meet their destined Golden. It as if the foster family has done them a great service. The bonds that form between adopting and foster families are often enduring and override the typical societal issues of politics, religion or social perceptions. On the other hand, those fickle dogs have broken our hearts time and time again. Dogs we have loved fiercely, spoiled rotten and given every advantage just walk away, tails wagging, with a new family and never look back."

"Fostering is definitely a plus if you want to redecorate and can't convince your spouse to get rid of the old furniture!"

"People ask us how we can give up the dogs we foster and we tell them that it is like Christmas throughout the year. We give presents to people who are looking for great companions. We want people to be as happy as we are with our golden."

"Regardless of how long I have a foster dog in my life, my life will be that much fuller and richer for having had him in my life. AND think of how much love he will receive in return!"

If you are considering providing a foster home for a Golden in need, please contact us with any questions you may have. We appreciate your interest and your help!