The Adoption Coordinator position receives and processes adoption applications, finds home evaluators for families hoping to adopt, assists with the adoption process by keeping records of famlies interested in available dogs, provides fosters with home evaluation reports for interested families, communicates with fosters and home evaluators about families selected to meet dogs, and assists with adoption paperwork.

The main responsibilites of the Adoption Coordinator are:

  • Receive, review, and respond to inquiries and applications
  • Request home evaluators
  • Maintain records about applications
  • Maintain records about approved families
  • Maintain records about home evaluators
  • Maintain adoption and home evaluator explanation documents
  • Receive home evaluation reports
  • Receive and record interest in available dogs
  • Forward HE reports to fosters
  • Communicate with HEs about foster decisions for meet and greets
  • Follow up after meet and greets
  • Send contract information to HE when a dog is selected for adoption
  • Receive completed Adoption Contracts
  • Follow up with families after adoption
  • Maintain adoption records and complete monthly Adoption Reports
  • Send information about adoptions to board members before monthly board meetings
  • Attend monthly board meetings
  • Attend events
  • Recruit/respond to HE volunteers – send position info and add to spreadsheet and email distribution list
  • Close old applications at the beginning of each year. Applications are good for the calendar year in which the family is approved and the following year.
  • Monitor Adoptions phone line voice mail
  • Manage AKC Reunite tags


I generally spend about ten hours a week on Adoption Coordinator tasks.



When applications come in, confirm payment. Review app and enter info into spreadsheet. Request any clarifications or missed responses. Reply to family. When app is complete, send to area HE team, with copy to sevagrreatfosterteam

If payment has not been made, reply to app to inquire and request any missing info. Once payment has been confirmed, proceed with sending to HE team. Mark on spreadsheet, HE Requested.

If an HE volunteers, send “Covered” email to HE team; enter HE name on spreadsheet, mark Waiting for HE visit.

When HE report comes in, review, save a copy to own files, update applications spreadsheet with approved date or note if not approved. Forward a copy of the report to the HE and to sevagrreatfosterteam. Add family to Waiting List spreadsheet.

Periodically check spreadsheet to look for families still waiting for HE volunteer. Send out a second request. Also check for missing HE reports and follow up with HE.

Keep spreadsheet up to date with closed applications, adoptions, fostering, holds, and any pertinent notes.

If a paid application comes in from out of area, notify the family AND notify the treasurer to change the payment from Application Fee to Donation in financial records.


Adoption Process:

When Available Dogs lists come out, keep track of which families are interested in each dog.

On Wednesday evening, send HE reports to fosters for all interested families, along with instructions.

The general process is:

  1. Send HE reports to fosters.
  2. Get word from fosters that they are ready to talk to HEs
  3. Notify HEs to call fosters, including foster name and number and any time preferences or restrictions for calls
  4. Receive word from foster on who is invited for meet and greet visits. (Ask foster for reasons why families were NOT selected.)
  5. Notify HEs for all families whether they are getting visits or not.
  6. Keep track of progress on meet and greets.
  7. When foster/dog chooses a family, notify the HE. Also notify the HE of any families not selected. (Ask foster for reasons why families were not selected.)
  8. Confirm with HE that selected family does want to adopt.
  9. Send HE of adopting family information needed for the contract: SEVA GRREAT ID number, microchip number, adoption fee. Include most recent contract and Bringing Home a Rescue Dog document.
  10. Request notification from HE when contract has been signed and adoption fee paid. Also request they notify foster so pickup can be arranged. Confirm that pickup has occurred.
  11. After contract is signed, send Beth a message for permission to release medical records.
  12. Check with HE or adoptive family after a few days to see how things are going.
  13. Receive paper contract and update Adoptions spreadsheet.


Information Management

  • When an application comes in, enter information into Applications spreadsheet; update as needed
  • When a family is approved, add them to the Families on Waiting List spreadsheet
  • When a family adopts a dog, remove them from the Families on Waiting List spreadsheet
  • If a family goes on or off hold or closes their application, adjust their info on the Families on Waiting List spreadsheet 



  • Maintain close communication with foster coordinator about approved families, available dogs, and all steps of the adoption process
  • Maintain close communication with home evaluators regarding procedures, updates, and questions they may have
  • Communicate with fosters during the adoption process
  • Communicate with treasurer as needed (e.g., to change the designation of an application fee to a donation for out-of-area applications)
  • Communicate with other board members as needed
  • Communicate with other volunteers as needed (e.g. to notify mail volunteer when a check is coming)
  • Respond to inquiries and applications in the Adoptions email inbox


HE Volunteers

Send new volunteers information; if they want to be an HE, add their info to the HE spreadsheet and add them to the email HE distribution list for their area (may need to create a new contact card for them); send foster coordinator their name and address to add to the list to receive Available Dog lists.

Maintain Spreadsheets:

  • Applications
  • Home Evaluators
  • Families on Waiting List
  • Adoptions Report
  • HE Volunteers