SEVA GRREAT Job Description for Medical Coordinator




Medical Coordinator - Job Description

The primary responsibility of the Medical Coordinator is to oversee and facilitate the veterinary care of the foster dogs.  Works closely with intake, foster and adoption directors to prepare foster goldens for successful adoption. Familiarity with the breed and the health conditions common in Golden Retrievers is essential. Prior experience in either veterinary care or a medical background is ideal for this position, along with an eagerness to listen/learn and ask appropriate questions.  Must be able to communicate effectively with veterinary professionals, board members, and foster families.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Ensure veterinary care is provided for all dogs entering the foster system in accordance with the current adoption requirements (initial intake appointments scheduled by intake coordinator)
  • Insure medical policy is adhered to by all foster homes
  • Respond to medical questions from foster families
  • Act as main point of contact with veterinarian offices for all dogs in foster system
  • Update foster database/tracking sheet to reflect current medical needs of foster goldens as they are prepared for adoption
  • Approve veterinary visits, procedures and medications that are not a part of our normal protocol/vet agreements
  • Coordinate with the board to authorize any significant and/or non-routine medical/surgical procedures
  • Inform the board of new or changing veterinary recommendations/developments (i.e. treatment protocols for HW disease)
  • Coordinate with foster homes for emergency veterinary care including euthanasia, if necessary
  • Coordinate with the Treasurer to review veterinary invoices monthly for billing accuracy
  • Order veterinary medical supplies

Veterinary Practice Management:

  • Maintain a list of SEVA GRREAT participating veterinarians, and update vet agreements as needed
  • Develop medical protocols for care with our participating veterinarians, and update as needed
  • Facilitate discussion regarding the addition of any new veterinary practice, to ensure our standards of care and expectations for intake can be met