SEVA GRREAT Job Description for Treasurer

Current SEVA GRREAT By-laws:

It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to receive and have charge of all funds of SEVA GRREAT and shall deposit same to the credit of the organization in such depository as may be designated by the Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall pay all bills duly approved by the Board and keep books of accounts of all the receipts and expenditures. The Treasurer shall make a report, showing the receipts, disbursements, and cash balance on hand at each regular meeting. The Treasurer shall provide information and filings to governmental authorities as required.




Treasurer - Job Overview


The treasurer for SEVA GRREAT is responsible for maintaining and documenting an electronic financial management environment that is auditable and compliant with Government regulations.  The treasurer serves as primary interface with Old Point National Bank for multiple accounts, and is currently responsible for SEVA GRREAT’s PayPal account. In addition, the treasurer prepares and provides periodic reports (monthly, quarterly, and annually) to the Board of Directors as well as state/Federal agencies as required (includes tax returns). The position requires a knowledge (or willingness to learn) laws, regulations, practices and procedures associated with the financial management and accounting for non-profit organizations. Competence with internet tools (establishing access to accounts by setting up logins, passwords, etc) and a full set of Microsoft Office (or comparable tools) are highly desirable. In addition, access to fax capability (could use an E-fax account) is beneficial to provide our vendors and service providers with quick, secure communications.


  • Receive checks payable to SEVA GRREAT (usually forwarded my mail received through PO Box, but occasionally mailed directly to treasurer)
  • Copy and file, enter transactions in Quickbooks, and make bank deposit
  • For funds received by Direct Deposit to bank (i.e. some CFC/CVC campaigns and Amazon/Kroger fundraisers), establish an account and record in Quickbooks
  • Receive email notification from PayPal when donations received via our website or on mobile devices via PayPal Here
  • Verify purpose of PayPal transaction (donation, membership, merchandise, etc.) and enter in Quickbooks

Payables (Vet Bills):

  • Receive veterinary bills via fax, email, or PO Box and send to foster coordinator for approval
  • Enter data in Quickbooks to include account #, amount, invoice #, payment method,  and dog ID
  • Prepare and mail checks

Payables (Foster Reimburesments):

  • Receive receipts for expenses incurred by foster homes from foster coordinator/assistants
  • Copy and enter in Quickbooks, record amount and class #, prepare and mail checks

Other Payables:

  • Pay or reimburse for other bills to include GRREATimes magazine, website, insurance and telephone
  • Record in Quickbooks and prepare/mail checks

Internal Reports:

  • Using Quickbooks data, generate and provide reports to the board to reflect monthly detailed transactions and YTD summary
  • Generate and provide as needed other reports related to specific fundraisers (i.e. calendars), comparative time periods, etc.

External Reports:

  • Retail Sales and Use Tax. Quarterly report produced and submitted electronically using the VATAX Online Services for Businesses. Requires reporting all sales (primarily Adoptions and merchandise) quarterly. As a non-profit, SEVA GRREAT is exempt from taxation but the report is mandatory. Filed within 15 days of the end of each calendar quarter.
  • Federal Income Tax. SEVA GRREAT is required to file IRS Form 990. Due to our participation in federal campaigns, the long form is mandatory. Again, filing is accomplished on line using the Form 990 software. www.
  • Annually, SEVA GRREAT (and all charitable organizations) file Form 102 to the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VA DACS) in order to maintain their registration and non-profit eligibility. The annual Federal tax return is an enclosure to this report.