Max is an adorable purebred golden retriever puppy who is a happy, playful and generally healthy puppy with one exception.

Max is a dwarf. Max is not just small but has a condition in which his body is not producing the growth hormone he needs to grow and develop normally and to be a healthy guy. He was surrendered to us at 5 months of age because of the mounting expenses of diagnostic tests and treatment options, and was quickly diagnosed with pituitary dwarfism.

Most dwarf dogs are euthanized so there is not much information available about what to expect. We identified some good treatment options and have a wonderful vet in the Richmond area who is working with us to help Max have the best life that we can provide. We will also be documenting his situation closely so that canine health in general can benefit. So, while helping Max, we hope to help understanding of his condition, too.

Max was given the name Maxwell Strong to give him the incentive to persevere through his rough start in life. He started treatment in September 2018 and was getting injections about every three weeks through the first year. Initially the goal was to stimulate normal growth and development. Maxwell developed quite nicely, though is still small. But the goal always was his health. As of summer 2019, he is no longer growing but will continue the injections as they are essential for him to live. Without treatment, Maxwell will experience hair loss, skin infections, and progressive organ failure until, in a short time, euthanasia would be the only option so he does not suffer. Treatment offers him a chance at a very good quality of life and we think he deserves that chance. Maxwell is a very special dog, a real sweetheart, and expresses his heartfelt gratitude for your support. He has developed quite the following on his very own Facebook page, so be sure to follow his antics at*F-R&eid=ARBkxlFni5peVduBqh0eli7IVx8ItVUKGb8p8OyBT1kh2GYmHCWl7eO-tl0P_O3ce3xQhthTaYnY30U2

Maxwell just celebrated his 3rd birthday in April 2021, and it is your support that is making life possible for him.

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