Hi!  My name is Mattie, I am 10 years old and this is my story.  I don’t want to talk about the first 10 years of my life.  I would like to talk about now.  And now started in November 2016 when a sweet lady came to the shelter where I was staying.  See, my family decided they didn’t want me anymore, so they dropped me off at this high kill shelter. 

Anyway, this nice lady came to my cell, and she petted me, took my picture, and she told me she was going to get me out of there.  A couple of days later she came back and took me with her! 

That is when I met my foster mommy and daddy.  Actually, they weren’t supposed to be my foster parents.  They met with the nice lady and me.  And then they were going to take me to my foster family.  But it was love at first sight and they asked the foster family if they could foster me instead.  Isn’t that great? 

My foster mommy and daddy are so terrific!  My foster brother is a puppy, and I am learning to tolerate him.  See he just wants to play, play, and play.  And well, my backend doesn’t work very well.  As a matter of fact, it doesn’t really work at all.  A lot of times my foster parents have to help me to stand up when I have been laying down for a while – especially in the morning.  And don’t even talk to me about stairs!  They’re worried because when I walk, I swing my legs from my hips and can’t bend my back legs at all. 

Mattie1So they took me to the doctor and were shocked to hear that I have a fractured pelvis, two fractured hips, and a fractured back leg.  Yep.  I could have told them that – if they had just asked.  You see I got hit by a car over a year ago and the humans I was living with didn’t do anything about it.  Over time, my injuries were made worse because well, I kept falling down whenever I tried to get up and walk.  So my bones didn’t heal together the way they were supposed to.  Because it happened so long ago, nothing can be done surgery wise to help me.

Oh – and did I mention that when the nice lady came and got me, I was severely undernourished and have heartworms?  Because I wasn’t fed very much, the doctor said I have very poor muscle mass.    Mattie2

The doctor said I am comparable to an invalid.  I think that means that I am very sweet and loving because my mommy and daddy hugged me very tight. 

So now I am taking a bunch of pills.  We keep trying different kinds of pills – to see what will help me best.  We met with a Physical Therapist and she showed mommy things they could do when we are at home to improve my muscle tone and flexibility.  So every morning, I get a massage and heat wraps to help with the stiffness.  And at night we do exercises to help with flexibility.  Afterwards, daddy puts me on the bed and we watch TV.  I snuggle right down and do not move until morning.  I love it!  My mommy and daddy say I am a Love Bug! 

Mommy explained to me that I am a “Forever Foster”.  That means I get to stay with them forever!  Mommy and daddy say that it is a privilege to care for me!  And the nice people of SEVA GRREAT will continue to pay for all the medications and treatments, and anything else that I need!


I am so very happy!  I am loved.  I live in a wonderful house.  I have a terrific family.  I will never be cold or hungry again.  And all because of SEVA GRREAT!  Thank you SEVA GRREAT for helping homeless, lost souls like me.  I had nothing – no reason to live, really.  And now I have everything!

My mommy told me that SEVA GRREAT was able to save me because of something called the GOLD Fund.  It helps me and others like me become Forever Goldens.  So thank you everybody!  Thank you for giving money to the GOLD fund and saving me!  And thank you for giving me the BEST mommy and daddy in the world!

Can you do me a favor – if you ever see SEVA GRREAT, will you thank them for me?